How to “Reverse Engineer” Client Attraction and Achieve Incomparable Expert Status

The advice I’ve received via Jason’s Client Letter and complimentary trainings has inspired me to finally understand attraction and how to engage it so that it actually works. What I most appreciate is that he consistently models what he teaches so that over time I have come to understand the deeper why behind the why. Jason Leister has taken the time to think through every day client situations and to expertly share what works and what does not.

Jason’s DIY Platform Lab has given me the depth of understanding to totally change my marketing approach so that it can be eagerly received by my ideal clients. I expect that because of these changes prospective clients will soon be asking me for help without me doing any selling or following up. I’m done chasing forever and that’s extraordinary value!

-Tom Volkar

I had a BIG Problem… Only after spending Thousands of Dollars- building my Marketing funnel. Months of course creation. Tons of video editing. Website. Squeeze Pages. Video Upsells. Follow up Email Series. Face Book Ads. Test Pricing. All that, and more. But something always just “felt wrong.” Sadly I finally realized my mistake. I HAD NO CLARITY. No clarity in what my niche wanted. What they needed. Heck, who they really even were! I had it ALL WRONG. Then my solution came to me- in the Daily email I’ve been reading for years… My Solution was a course being offered by Jason Leister. A person with a platform that I enjoyed everyday. But for some reason, that day it just clicked.


So I signed up for the Incomparable Expert Platform Lab course. You see, Jason is a deep thinker. And I knew this would be 4 weeks of challenge. But if anyone could help me “see the light” it would be him. Sure enough right away we went deep. He makes you think. Somehow you become the niche, the target market you’re serving. You understand the way they feel. He simplifies everything for you. And his talent truly is amazing. Simply put he makes sure YOU FIND CLARITY. Then he teaches you how to display your CLARITY in a Platform. Your simple Platform will perform TWO vital steps. The first- it serves your niche in a valuable yet scalable way. The second, it provides YOU: Clarity and Purpose which leads to a feeling of Fulfillment. Jason truly has found his Life Skill and luckily for us he serves it up Daily. Without hesitation I can say- I was once was LOST …but now Jason helped me SEE.

Many thanks,


Jason is a living demonstration of how his platform works. I live a country away from Jason and through the platform he has built, I have been hooked and lured in to become one of his grateful clients. I am one of those .1% that happens to like his ideas and so I also subscribe to what he says. The fact that I have become a client of Jason’s is all the proof I need that his platform works. I am a frugal stereotypical accountant who hates to spend money on anything. I have implemented Jason’s strategies and they are already paying me back for my investment both in personal and financial growth.


Dear Service Provider,

Two things you need to know before we start:

First off, if you think that getting clients means you should chase them into a corner, wrestle them down and “close” them, you’re not ready for this. Get my free daily Daily Journal and read it for about 30 days. If you’re not scared off, then come back…

Second, if you’re not interested in work, this isn’t for you. This method of client attraction is WORK. It’s work where you have to spend more time thinking about your prospects than yourself. It’s work where you have to spend more time thinking about what you can give than what you’re going to get. This disqualifies many folks who just aren’t ready to play at that level yet. If you’re just in it for the money, I respect your freedom to make that decision. So no harm, no foul. But you won’t make it here.

If you’re still reading, the best advice I can give you is to stop trying to “get” anyone to hire you. I know this sounds nuts. After all, if you work with clients, what else IS the goal except to get them to hire you?

That is the goal, but the direct route just lumps you in with all of the other salespeople who are trying to get attention. So if you want to be perceived as something different and better, you can’t show up the same way as everyone else does.

You Don’t Pursue Clients Directly, You Develop a System That “Reverse Engineers” the Result You Want – The System Brings the Clients To You

In order to do business on your terms regarding fees and working terms, you can’t be chasing your clients down. They have to come to you. Otherwise, you don’t have too much leverage in the relationship and you’re perceived as little more than a “vendor.”

This isn’t about having the upper hand just so you can call the shots. This is more about maintaining control of your business so you can have it support the life you want to have.

You never want to live in Vendorland. It sucks.

When you’re a vendor, there are basically only three questions clients are interested in getting answers to:

  • Are you competent?
  • How cheap can you do the work?
  • How fast can you do the work?

These are not the questions you want to be answering.

Really, you shouldn’t be answering too many questions at all. You ask the questions. That’s where you want to be.

And the way you earn the privilege to do this is to attract interest in the services you provide not to force it on people.

The Most Powerful Force in Selling

Think about the company Apple® for a moment. Think about their retail stores and how they present what they have to the world.

When you walk into an Apple® store, you don’t stare at all of their wares in boxes up on the shelf. No, you walk right over to the thing you want and you try it out. You basically give yourself a demonstration of the product.

Ask any smart salesperson and they will tell you that demonstration is one of the most powerful forces in all of selling.

Talking about an iPhone® can only make you want one so much. But once you’ve seen what they can do… or have even tried it out for yourself. Well, you just want one.

Demonstration is the route I’ve chosen to go to attract clients and customers.

I don’t try too hard to sell… I don’t spend much time trying to talk about what I do. Instead, I choose to demonstrate what I do and know in a very leveraged way to a lot of people at once.

I do this through something called a Platform. I didn’t name this thing, and I really have no idea who did. But I can’t think of a better name for it, so I’ll just use the one I’ve got for now.

What is a “Platform?”

A platform is a fancy name for a newsletter, a podcast, a blog, a video series or some other publication you put out into the world on a consistent basis that demonstrates the value you offer to the world.

This is deceptively simple and extremely powerful.

It is rarely exciting, however. Which means, should you choose to pursue this method of client attraction, you will most likely have very little true competition.

This path is simply too much work and far too slow for most people.

The Scarcest Resource in Most Service Businesses and How a Platform Can Help

When you’re a solo service provider, building leverage into your business is something that can improve your profitability and overall quality of your life.

Most service providers have zero leverage. They don’t have leverage in the delivery of their service and they don’t have leverage in the marketing of their service.

This leads to overworked, underpaid, and barely sane service providers.

Ideally, you could press a button, clone yourself and be able to serve 10X the number of clients you currently can manage.

Until that happens, you can build a platform to provide some of the leverage in the marketing of your service.

A platform keeps you in touch with an ever growing group of qualified prospects.

Month after month (or even day after day), these people hear from you in valuable ways. At various times, certain prospects step forward and express interest in working with you.

You don’t really care when an individual steps forward, all you care about is continuing to add value to their lives over time.

When the first day of each new month comes around, you’re not starting your marketing efforts from scratch.

Instead, you just watch and wait as a new prospect on the receiving end of your platform “matures” into a client.

You don’t have to “go out and get clients” because they will come to you. It can be a very graceful process if you do the work required to get momentum going.

Take a look at your own business in its current state.

I have no idea how many prospects you are talking to at any one time, but just imagine if that number went up by a factor of 10… 20… 100… 1000?

That’s what a platform can do. And once that happens, one of two outcomes will eventually appear:

  • You’ll get more clients.
  • Or, you’ll get better clients.

Sales is a numbers game, but that doesn’t mean that bigger numbers require more work. Bigger numbers, when done well, mean bigger results and better results with less effort. That’s the goal.

Building a platform is slow and steady and it’s something where the momentum can take a while to build.

But we’re not digging ditches here (thank GOD), so when I say “real work,” it’s relative. It’s mainly relative to the general state of laziness in society when something doesn’t promise immediate payoff.

There’s a Smart Way to Build a Platform and a Not So Smart Way To Do It

The key, really, is to design your PLATFORM in a way that makes you an invited and welcomed guest into the world of your prospects.

If you don’t do that, you end up being noise. You end up being a bother. And you end up getting grouped in the same “salesperson” bucket as everyone else.

But when you build your PLATFORM the smart way, you’ll find your prospective clients actually asking you to send them your “marketing” materials.

In fact, eventually you get to the point where they actually MISS YOU when you don’t show up. And that’s exactly where you want to be.

But here’s the problem…

Even the Smartest Client Attraction Platform is Worthless Until It’s Actually DONE

The Platform Lab is a 30 day, 0mph to 60mph process for getting your Platform designed and off the ground.

We strategize, plan and structure. You go through the lessons and do the thinking work, you submit homework, you get your questions answered and you get my feedback. You get my input on strategy, positioning, naming etc. I point you in the right direction for implementation if you need help there.

In 4 weeks, you’re going to do all of the “brain work” necessary to come out the other side with a blueprint for your OWN Platform.

Each week, I’ll present a new module, answer questions and review homework. These content sessions are brief and to the point. I’ve refined this process A LOT, so there’s no fluff. Each module will give you homework that you’ll submit to me for review.

Here’s how the process flows:

Session 1:

During week one, we’ll nail down the questions most service providers never answer about their prospective clients. These answers become far simpler when you understand what you are truly selling and what “they” are really buying.

Session 2:

Do you know what makes you different? More valuable? More unique? If you don’t know, how can you expect anyone else to know. The answer is found in what I call your “big ideas.”

Session 3:

Your client attraction system is designed to show up in the perfect package for your prospective clients. This is where we’ll figure out exactly what that package should look like.

Session 4:

How do you transform your prospects into clients? You’ll walk through the strategy to build the system that allows this to happen on your terms.

By the end, your Platform strategy will be DONE and you’ll be ready to actually build it.

Enrollment is $697.

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