You Can Do Better

The Client Letter
August 30, 2012
Sedona, Arizona
Sunny 78 Degrees

“You can do better.”

I’ve been fortunate enough to surround myself with some people who live that phrase.

One of those people even bears a tattoo to that effect. A constant reminder that growth means you’re a better version of yourself tomorrow than you were today.

You can do better.

Not for me, or your business, or even your friends and family.

You can do better… for you.

But why bother?

People in our society are not, as a whole, encouraged to challenge themselves.

In fact, it kind of looks like popular culture programs people to avoid challenge, diversity, sacrifice and more…

These days, challenge, trying and striving are marketed as hard work.

If you’ve ever sold something that requires “work,” you know that it’s a hard sell.

My question is, why is it this way?

Why did I go through so many years of my life thinking that “doing better,” that “striving for excellence” was some super human feat that would take years off my life if practiced consistently?

Because I fell for the lie.

You know why our society isn’t trained to embrace challenge, even to search it out in every area of our life?

Because that’s where real power is hiding. That’s where the hidden treasure is buried.

When you develop the habit of living at the edge where possible meets impossible, you eventually find that treasure–and with it comes a revelation.

You realize the limits that once formed your walls of reality are fake.

You realize that the rules you were taught to follow (even revere) are fake.

You realize that your biggest fears are fake.

You realize that there is no one and no thing that can stop you from where you want to go.

You realize that you have spent years and years executing the program someone ELSE had for your life.

And that is the moment you become free… forever.

You can do better.

Doing better is the path to freedom.

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