Why Selling Yourself is Hard

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A TON of people struggle “selling themselves” because they’ve been led to believe that it is something they have to go out and do. They’ve been told it’s something they “do” in front of the world.

Think of that oh so annoying individual who brings 500 business cards to a networking event and makes sure they ALL get handed out.

I think this approach to “selling yourself” is a great way to struggle.

This is actually the very reason I started writing the Selling YOU Newsletter. I don’t talk about it much because, frankly, long newsletters like this (16-18 pages per month) are only valued by a select type of entrepreneur, and those people tend to find it on their own.

The issue that’s just going out the door now relays some of my “lessons learned” from helping clients sell many millions of dollars of services priced between $100K and $200K.

The funniest part about this topic is that “Selling YOU” is the opposite of the real goal.

Prospects aren’t “sold” on you, prospects sell themselves on you.

So if you’re smart, you’re never really Selling YOU. You’re simply making it easy for the right people to want to BUY you.

You do this through the art of demonstration. You demonstrate YOU to the world.

The vehicle is the media platform. That supplies the “raw materials” the world needs to sell themselves on YOU or your organization.

You can do this systematically. You can do this strategically. You can do this consistently without annoying anyone to death. And you can do this in leveraged ways that don’t require you living on the newest life-sucking anti-social media platform apparently designed to destroy real human connection.

How many people wake up each day, week or month grateful to see you add value to their lives?

That’s a good question to ask yourself.

To me, increasing that number over time is a good first step towards developing an environment where people naturally want to buy what you have.