Why Most People Are Insane

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One of the most powerful principles I’ve discovered (so far!) in my life and business is this one:

Trying to control outcomes is a fool’s game. The route to freedom is to invest time, effort, focus and energy on what you DO control: that is the process.

This works in business, this works in life. This works on just about every level of our existence.

Focus on the process that can create the outcome you want, don’t focus on creating the outcome directly.

The first approach puts your energy on things you control. The second approach puts your energy on things you don’t control. (Doing this, I believe is another definition of insanity. That means most people we see living around us are actually insane 🙂

This is why I choose the Platform approach to client attraction. I invest in the process, I watch what it does. I’m in control of what goes IN, so that’s what I focus on.

I have a process.

Unfortunately, many service providers DON’T have a process.

Today, I’m happy to offer you a slightly different route to the same goal: more clients and customers.

It’s a complimentary process manual being offered by my colleague, Dov Gordon. Many of you already know Dov from previous interviews etc. He knows his stuff.

Best of all, Dov stresses simplicity, which is something we ALL could use more of.

For the past five years, he’s been offering this manual for $97. Today, there’s no cost. Why is he doing it? Because he can 🙂

There’s no fine print, no obligation. You don’t be disappointed.

Here’s where you can get it.