Why I Wade Through the Mucky Muck

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RE: Why I wade through the mucky muck

The #1 problem plaguing most service providers is a deep-seated lack of belief in their own value.

In fact, I can’t think of any of the long list of “client issues” we deal with that isn’t in some way caused or magnified by this single challenge.

This is why service providers “chase” clients. This is why so many, on the inside, can’t get rid of that “needy feeling” that gets broadcast to the entire world. This is what makes those clients run for the hills… because they can feel it.

The good news is that you can fix this. Maybe you’ve tried already. I don’t know about you, but I’ve not had much luck waking up and saying, “Today I’m going to change my beliefs about myself… yippeee!” It’s far easier said than done.

The good news is that I have discovered a way to change this dynamic. The solution has two parts. There’s some internal work, but the cool thing about this approach is that it kind of works from the outside in. So you “do” things before you believe them. And eventually, your beliefs change.

Thinking about client attraction, neediness and all of that is a pretty dense subject. And navigating your way through can be a challenge.

The path I’ve discovered is actually quite simple. But that’s kind of my stupid human trick. I wade through this big pile of mucky muck, and then I look back and simplify that same journey for others. This is my way to serve.

Tonight I’ll be presenting what I’ve discovered in an effort to help YOU become “the hunted.” This means you flip the normal client/provider dynamic on its head and you engineer things so they pursue YOU.

Even if you choose not to register for this, please understand that you need to do this work somehow, somewhere. Figure it out on your own. You certainly can. And it’s work worth doing.

But if you want a shortcut and want to hear my take on how to navigate your way through, then you have a few hours left to register.

Unlike my other online trainings, however, this one is not going to become a single, stand alone product any time soon. So if you feel like you’re being controlled by your clients and you’d like to get off the emotional roller coaster, then this is for you.

Register here to get access before tonight.

You’ll get a recording even if you can’t make it live!