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RE: Where authority lives

Where does authority live?

It lives in the minds of your prospects and clients, no where else.

I got this from a long time Client Letter subscriber commenting on yesterday’s issue about the Platform approach to client attraction:

“Jay Abraham called it the strategy of pre-eminence…and without a doubt with your platform concept you are teaching people the most valuable thing anyone could learn when it comes to customer acquisition. Once you’ve become THE authority (in their mind) who they gonna call?”

And that’s really it right there. Who you gonna call?

You’re going to call the trusted authority.

You want to be the trusted authority, because that’s who gets the call!

You can’t anoint yourself a trusted authority, because no one will believe you. Instead, you have to engineer it so that you get CALLED THAT by others. That “engineering job” is what a Platform accomplishes over time.

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