When You’re Great At What You Do and No One Knows It

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There’s a huge difference between being great at what you do and being great at communicating what you do.

Unfortunately, if you never get good at the communicating part, the impact of what you could actually do for the world will be severely limited.

The first thing to realize is that how you view what you do is most likely, almost certainly, not the way “they,” (the folks on the outside,) view what you do.

It can take some work to bridge this gap. Sometimes, it’s the hardest work you can do.

The second thing to realize is that “getting your name out there” is not an event, it is a perpetual work in progress.

Because there’s only ONE way to get your name out there that actually does anything helpful. And that way is to get it out there in a form where your message gets understood and valued. Without having that message properly focused, maybe you’ll FEEL like you’ve gotten something done, but you will have actually made zero progress.

So many business owners feel like they’re sitting on gold, IF ONLY they could get the word out and have more people know about it.

This is quite a feeling. I had it for years! It’s some weird combination of yearning, hope, excitement and despair all rolled up into a ball. It’s a blackhole for as much of your energy as you want to feed into it!

So how do you deal with all of this?

Well, there are a lot of experts happy to tell you the answer. My experience is that no one has a clue what’s going to work.

Where you CAN’T go wrong is making the decision to start communicating anyway. Even if you totally suck at first. Especially if you totally suck at first. At least you’re laying the foundation for the device (your newsletter, podcast, whatever) that will help you get your answers.

It’s a process, it takes many iterations, it is a never-ending journey of clarification, focus and refinement.

When will you be done? Never.

To me, this is a far more valuable investment than just “buying leads.” Buying leads doesn’t tell you anything. All it does is give your business a short-term uptick in results and get you forever addicted to searching for the NEXT place to get more of your newest drug.

Look at what’s happening to ad costs across just about every major platform. They’ve gone up. WAY up.

Too many desperate people throwing money at the wall in an effort to BUY what they haven’t figured out how to EARN.

I think it’s just simpler to do the work. Create your method for adding value to the world and do it.

The answers you are looking for about “how to get the word out there” will come slowly as your attempts to connect reflect off the people you choose to serve. They will say things, they will ask things, they will slowly, but surely, lead you to the answer about how BEST to show-up for them so they “GET IT.”