When the Bell Rings, YOU MOVE

Mountains of Arizona
Storm Coming 86 Degrees
1:54 p.m.

One thing that school concentration camps teach you is to preoccupy yourself with the short term.

Get ready for the quiz tomorrow. Prepare for the test next week. Make sure you’ve studied for the final at the end of the semester.

Short. Term. Living.

Couple this with school’s directive to force you to comply with dumb, illogical, nonproductive rules and regulations and you see emerge from this ritualized and institutionalized abuse a very unique type of being.

School is designed to create the being that requires short term correction/feedback/direction to continue forward motion.

No teacher I ever had said, “I don’t care what you get on this test, I only care that you keep working on how to learn.”

That’s hilarious. The whole system is setup so they could never say that.

The perception that’s been installed is that “how well your students are doing” has something to do with you the teacher. So if your students aren’t doing well, it doesn’t look good for you. So the teacher is in a position where the teaching must be directed to look good regarding the adopted metrics of “success.” (I use that term loosely.)

School isn’t about learning or even teaching, it’s about training.

What does the bell at the end of each class tell you?

It trains you that the bell is supreme. It’s more important than what you were learning. It’s more important than what you were thinking about. It’s more important than ANYTHING in your life at that moment. When the bell rings, you MOVE, SLAVE. Get used to it. It’s going to be your life.

Ivan Pavlov and his dog would be amazed.

Now this behavior is entirely helpful if you want to train a slave population, which is the purpose of the system. But if your aims aren’t to be controlled and coopted by a world system based on death, then this training isn’t so helpful.

Because when you get out of prison school, you have purposely been sabotaged.

If you don’t see things “working” pretty darn quickly, your trained behavior is to quit.

We’re trained to do it and see if it works.

We’re not trained to do it until we figure out how to make it work.

The problem is that everything GREAT is on the other side of sticking around with something until you figure out how to make it work.

Take starting a podcast as an example. Last time I checked, I think the average podcast publisher gets to about seven episodes before they quit.


They don’t see a return.

They weren’t born thinking like this, they were trained to do it.

They were trained to think ANYTHING should be happening after seven episodes of a podcast.

If people trained to think like this got into the farming business, the whole world would starve. They’d never be able to overcome the challenges required to plant the field and nurture it through the harvest.

So the next time you’re engaged in some business activity and it’s not “showing a result,” ask yourself if that’s your slave training talking.

Maybe it’s just a clue you’re supposed to keep digging right there in that spot until the gold appears.