What Will You Do For Me?

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11:46 a.m.

A few days ago, we worked through the reason you might consider naming the result you help clients and customers achieve. My “result” is called the Incomparable Expert. It’s a status, an ideal and a position that you occupy in your marketplace.

It’s a powerful way to set yourself apart, but it also solves a lot of other problems that many people selling ideas and services to the world encounter.

Take the cat and mouse game that many consultants play when speaking with prospective clients:

“We would like to hire you, what will you do for us?”

“I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do for you yet, but I’ll figure that out once you hire me.”

I did this for years. But I stopped the day I switched roles and put myself in the client’s shoes and realized how crazy it is. To think of all the clients I confused with this approach makes me chuckle.

Confused people just don’t buy.

These days, people come to me often having no idea exactly what I do.

But “I want to become an Incomparable Expert,” is what they say.

It’s clarity in the midst of a lack of detail. Just because they want to know what they’re buying doesn’t mean you need to do a bunch of free consulting before you get hired.