Using the OPEC Secret

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RE: Using the OPEC secret

It’s all about supply and demand.

I still remember the moment I heard Dan Kennedy mention this… I mean the time it actually clicked in my mind so I could focus on the real task at hand.

The goal is to make sure the demand for you exceeds the supply of you.

When that happens, you win.

So how do you do that?

It depends 🙂

Most of what I recommend takes time to work in and around the area of client attraction. In other words, it’s slow.

Building a Platform? Pretty slow.

Building a list of people who receive that publication? Pretty slow.

Becoming an authority in your field? Slow.

There’s a pattern here if you’re following along closely. It’s slow and steady. The tortoise was right. It does win the race because everyone else stops running!

There is a way, however, to “accelerate” the transformation of this supply/demand ratio: that is to limit the amount of time you are available.

I did this without even thinking about it beforehand.

I’m in the middle of my “4 hour work day” transition. I’m working 4 hours per day and then I stop and do other things like live and read and learn and exercise.

I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Basically, in an effort to master me and live a life that is UNLIKE the typical workaholic entrepreneur, I artificially limited the supply of ME.

Kind of like how the OPEC oil cartel limits the supply of oil to control the price.

As the supply of me decreases, the current demand has to vie for that decreased availability.

Each of my hours of “supply” becomes more valuable.

I’ve limited supply and effectively increased demand.

Think about that. What happens if you make yourself a little bit LESS available? What if you create boundaries that remove the perception (mostly from YOUR mind) that you have unlimited supply?

That’s not really the case anyway. You don’t have unlimited supply. It’s just that we often act like we do, which decreases our perception of our own value. When we don’t understand our own value, our client can’t either. That means, our level of service delivered to them is less than it could have been.

Take this idea and do something with it. I think you’ll find it’s extremely powerful.

I’m constantly experimenting with things like this. I talk about a lot of them in each issue of The Rainmaker Letter. If you’re not onboard, you might want to try it. I guarantee it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Mainly because I’m a very unique bird.

Why do I do all of these experiments? Yes, it’s to grow a better business. But I do that through growing a better me. As I achieve THAT goal, the business kind of follows along on its own.