The Incomparable Expert Transformation is a Four Week Journey to Completely Set Yourself Apart From Any and Every Other Business in Your Marketplace

Becoming an Incomparable Expert is not for everyone. While the goal is within reach of everyone, the journey is not something everyone is willing to take.

Becoming one-of-a-kind in your life and work is not about crafting a mask that will make you more attractive, bring you more clients or make you more money.

Becoming one-of-a-kind is actually a stripping away of all of those masks and layers of illusion that are hiding the real you from being seen in the world.

You Cannot Become An Incomparable Expert Until You Are Willing to Truly Be YOU and to SHOW the World Who That Is

Most people are not willing to do this. Most people are not willing to move past their conditioning and their fear of what others will think so that they can operate in the world in full alignment with their own will and intention.

If this is not a journey you are interested in taking, what you will find here is definitely not for you.

But if you know there is more potential for you and you feel that greater levels of success are awaiting you in your work and life, then this is an amazing road to realize that future.

This is a journey I call the Incomparable Expert Transformation. And what you will find on this page is your invitation to join me on that path.

In the span of about 30 days, we work through the areas of your being and business to unlock the potential you already have to achieve greater levels of success.

This journey is part self-study, part working one-on-one with me.

If you are building a business from scratch, this will help.

If you want to refine, refocus or reinvent a successful business that already exists, this will help.

Get on the Path Towards Mastery of Mindset, Marketing, Systems and Services

My experience is that becoming an Incomparable Expert is not something you confine to the “business” part of your life.

Business is not separate from life. Life is not separate from you being valuable to the world.

These are one and the same, different hats worn by the very same unique life force called YOU.

The good news is that upgrading YOU leads to an upgrade in all parts of you, including your business.

The bad news is that evolving into a better and more effective version of yourself is not an overnight, instant success, type of thing.

Addressing the practical level of things, including how you attract clients and customers and charge for your services is fairly straightforward.

Addressing the unseen level of things, however, including your mindset, deep fears, limiting beliefs, energetic habits like a need for approval or validation or an overall lack of clarity and direction can lead to some of the hardest and most rewarding work you can do.

What We Do and When

The Incomparable Expert Transformation is a four week process where we work together through mindset, marketing, systems and services in your business.

If you are unclear about what the next step is for you, you can expect that lack of clarity will no longer be an issue at the end of this.

The Transformation consists of four self-study modules (including my help and support for questions and other issues) and two 30 minute phone conferences placed at the beginning and end of our work.

Enrollment in the Incomparable Expert Transformation is $1,497. Due to the hands-on nature of this work, space is extremely limited.

Problems vs Symptoms

The goal of this Transformation is to help you ascend to a level where you are truly living and working as the one-of-a-kind being that you are.

When comparison is possible between you and your prospective customer or client’s other choices, things tend not to work out so well.

You might not get the business. Or worse, you will get the business, but it will be on their terms and not yours.

Think of all of the things that bother you about getting clients and working with clients.

Most business owners think those things are problems. They’re not.

Having someone haggle with you over a fee isn’t the problem, it’s a symptom of the problem.

The problem is that you haven’t cemented yourself as the unique and valuable “one-of-a-kind” expert you are in the mind of your prospect.

THAT is the problem.

You solve this by removing the layers keeping the REAL YOU from being seen in the world. And then you adjust the materials and systems you use in your business to communicate that value with clarity.

Do you know anyone who haggles with a heart surgeon? Never happens.

Why? Because that doctor has been positioned as the one and only choice for that client.

You are in control of what you experience. My goal is to help you make the most of that control.