The Problem With Power

Mountains of Arizona
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6:12 a.m.

The problem with accepting just how powerful YOUR ability to create is, is that it comes with an enormous helping of responsibility.

If you think you’re “just one person” and have the mindset of “what can one person do,” then what responsibility could you possibly have for improving your life, improving your business or even changing the world? All you really have to do constantly remind yourself how weak and ineffectual you are.

But if you accept that YOU are in fact a POINT of creation and therefore have the ability to create your path, then that’s a different story.

All of a sudden, sitting around wondering why things aren’t better or why X does Y to you or why every time you try X, Y happens…all of these things become extremely irresponsible given the real power you have to effect change.

The world tells us that, if things aren’t as we want them to be, then there is obviously some deficiency within us that is keeping us from that destination.

But what if we’re not where we want to be simply because we have not willingly shouldered the RESPONSIBILITY for getting ourselves there and taken the appropriate action that comes from that perspective?

Does that mean you instantly “know what to do?” No. It means you instantly accept the responsibility for figuring it out, failing, trying again and all of the thoughts, feelings, deeds and circumstances that you will create along the way.

This is the path of 100% responsibility for everything.

The idea of “limited liability” has infected our world ever since the East India Company and the like wanted to protect their “assets” from the consequences of their actions.

The fact is, there IS no limited liability. It’s a farce, it’s a charade and it keeps people from their power.

You are liable. I am liable. You are responsible. So am I.

When you accept that and turn it around for good, amazing things will happen.

Hard things happen too. But those only serve as proof points that you are, in fact, a true force of nature.