The Orange Boots of a Fashion Maven

The Client Letter
October 29, 2013
The Desert of Arizona
Cloud Cover 42 Degrees

That’s a picture right there of my daughter Talula. Today is her birthday.

As you can see in the picture, Talula has a very unique fashion sense. The orange boots practically glow. And she can’t go very far in town without someone coming up to her and complimenting her on them. This is just one pair from her growing collection… you should see the red leather cowboy boots sometime.

I wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing something like that when I was a kid. All I wanted to do was fit in. I wanted the cool sneakers, I wanted the right jeans, I wanted the this and that. I wanted to blend in… I wanted to BELONG.

All Talula wants to do is be Talula.

She’s not afraid to stick out. I would venture a guess she doesn’t even have the concept of “sticking out from the crowd” in her mind.

How lucky is that.

In the client business, we are faced with an interesting challenge. In order to succeed, we have to stick out. But “sticking out” goes against everything we’ve been trained to want. And it creates an instant feeling of being uncomfortable… like everyone is watching us… when we first do it. That’s not the truth folks, that’s the training that makes you feel that way.

But there’s good reason to push through that feeling. In fact, you must. If you actually want to be alive, to feel alive, to be the person you are supposed to be.

Just like treasure of old is hiding under a door covered by a sleeping dragon, so too is your freedom hidden behind the thing you fear.

When you stare it down, it loses its control over you. When you cower, its power grows. Make your choice.

I love my daughter for who she is. I consider it a great honor that she chose me to help guide her through this world. And I hope that some year, she reads these words from her dad and develops a clearer understanding of just how special I know she is.

So here’s what I’m doing…

For today and tomorrow only, order one product from Art of Clients and I’ll “gift” you another one of your choice of equal or lesser value. Order two and choose two more!

Kind of a Birthday celebration where you benefit! (Although you won’t get to see tonight’s 4 layer chocolate cake, sorry…)

Most of the products are $97 so it’s pretty straightforward. Simply place your order. Then when you get the receipt in your email, reply and let me know what other product(s) you would like.

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