The One About Santa Claus

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RE: The one about Santa Claus

My daughter is 11. And she doesn’t buy it that Santa Claus can be sitting in every mall across the country at the same time.

So she’s going with the perspective that the spirit of Santa is real. But that all of these old guys who can barely put their fake beards on straight are just plain old guys.

We’re not too into the corporatized version of whatever this time of year has become. But the holidays shine a bright light on something that is truly special and important no matter where you are in the world.

That thing is the power of belief.

This is truly one of the most powerful forces on the planet. And it’s there whether or not we know it — whether or not we use it.

The amazing part is that it doesn’t matter what you believe. This “power” works just the same. It’s the creative power we all have to shape our own reality. What you believe at your core is what you tend to get in your life.

So what do you believe and how strongly do you believe it?

That’s really the question.

Times like this remind me of just how powerful we all are. Many choose not to use this power. Instead, they give it away to others.

But for those who understand the gift they’ve been given… and for those who do the work to discover how to put it to good use…

That is a gift you can give to the world for the rest of your life… no matter WHAT day it is.