The Money Program

Mountains of Arizona
Before Sunrise 48 Degrees
5:40 a.m.

I’ve read a lot of books about money over the years. I’ve tried to think myself rich, I’ve tried to metaphysical myself rich, I’ve tried a lot of things.

Sadly, I missed the point.

Abundance isn’t something you chase.

Abundance isn’t something you get.

Abundance isn’t something you create.

Abundance is something you notice, then feel, then embody.

The physical reality then rearranges itself based on that process.

Why do you think the system wants to show you there’s not enough to go around? Here in 2019 we REALLY can’t produce enough food for the whole world? There’s REALLY not enough “money” for everyone to have plenty? Do people really have to work two even three jobs just to make it?

These are all controlled outcomes to scare YOU to death that you’re not going to have enough.

Once they do THAT, you actually create that reality.

This training exists at so many levels, it’s hard to list all of them…because many are invisible.

Most people are trained to rush through their day, focus on their to-do list and to be “productive.”

“Gotta get it done, gotta get it done.”

With this approach, you go through your days proving to yourself, “there’s not enough time.” If there was, you’d get everything done right?


One path towards abundance is to train your awareness NOT to skip over the 4 millions moments of power you could choose to fully experience each day.

Even right now, are you reading this to move onto something else? What if you just take a moment, breathe yourself back to NOW and relax that tension that’s pushing you to the next thing before you even finish this one?

Noticing THAT shifts your internal state. Shifting your internal state changes the vibration you carry. Changing the vibration you carry allows you to create a future very different from your present.

Most of all, developing the discipline to give up the fear of “not enough” will create dramatic change.

Our current money system was created to control you at every level of your mind, body and being.

Look at how well it’s done that job. The world spends its entire day just trying to get it. The majority of people endure tasks they despise just to get that stuff.

And why?

Because we all believe that’s what you have to do.

Do you really want to keep playing that game?

What happens if you stop?

What happens if you put your will to experience abundance in priority position over the system’s program for you to experience and perpetuate lack?

What happens if you realize YOU are in control?

What happens if you deliberately choose love over fear?