The Lou Filerman Method for Client Attraction

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RE: The Lou Filerman method for client attraction

If you’ve never heard of the word “sidle,” then I’m afraid you didn’t spend quite as much time in your life watching Seinfeld as I have.

Sidling is when someone kind of sneaks up on you and is just there without you even knowing it.

Check out this Seinfeld clip for a quick “sidling” demonstration.

In that clip, Lou Filerman is the one doing the sidling. And while his technique is good, he ends up annoying the hell out of people by the way he puts this into action.

But sidling can be done well. And it can be done in a way that is actually welcomed by your prospects and clients.

This is really what a Platform accomplishes when you put it to work. You slowly enter the world of your prospect and, over time, your Platform “sidles” you up to them.

When they encounter a problem you can solve, guess who they think of?

A Platform can come in many shapes and sizes. It can be a newsletter, a blog, a video series, a podcast or many other things. While the format changes, there are 3 secret ingredients you need to put into your Platform.

First, it needs to be interesting. Being boring is a mortal sin.

Second, it needs to be valuable. It needs to leave the prospect in a better position after than they were in before.

Finally, it needs to be consistent. Time is magic, and consistency will beat out a flash in the pan any day. Always remember that.

Take a look at the Platform you’re using right now. Does it have those 3 ingredients? If not, put ’em in there. And if you don’t even have a Platform, or you have one that’s not working, then listen up…

I’m accepting Platform Express Clients through tomorrow night (Friday.) After that, this service will again only be available as part of the Incomparable Expert Transformation for $3K.

If you want help creating a Platform you can use to attract clients, register before Friday night.