The Lie of Behind

Mountains of Arizona
Cool 53 Degrees
6:32 a.m.

One of the biggest lies the schooling system installs is that there’s a path on which some people are right where they should be, some people are “ahead” and some people are “behind.”

You hear this all the time when parents speak about their children:

“I don’t want him to fall behind…”

“I don’t want her to struggle to catch up…”

“The teacher said if we don’t do this, he’ll be behind…”

Always behind. It’s not a fun place to be.

When you realize this is all a lie, that there is no ahead, no behind… that the whole construct is designed as a mind prison to manipulate your thoughts, emotions, actions and life force, you have a choice to make:

You either stop promoting this lie or you willingly go back to sleep inside the prison and play along like you were told to do.

The reason this topic is important is because these little children grow up to be men and women like you and me.

And despite our outward physical appearance, we’re still those children on the inside.

And a good number still fall prey to the lie of “behind.”

This is how you steal LIFE from yourself. This is how you work like a dog to “get ahead” only to find that you stole the richness of the EXPERIENCE OF LIFE from yourself the entire way.

As Alan Watts might say, you were so focused on getting to the end of the song, you forgot you were here to dance.

Give up the story. Stop feeding the lie. Just let it fall away. It can’t sustain itself without you.