The Forced Clarity Solution

The Desert of Arizona
Cloudy 60 Degrees

I could talk just about everyday about the good things that can come from publishing a Platform to attract clients.

Heck, that’s exactly what I do! But really, the list of benefits is pretty darn long.

One of the benefits that’s a little bit less than obvious is something that actually makes you more valuable over time.

When you commit to some sort of publishing Platform where you have to actually “produce” or risk looking dumb by not delivering on your promises… when you put yourself on a schedule to produce, there’s no way you can go too long without becoming extremely clear about the value you provide.

At first, you might have no idea. But you’ll quickly figure it out. You’ll have to. Because you have to have something to talk about in your newsletter or podcast or whatever form your Platform takes.

Your commitment to produce will force you to start analyzing what you produce. This will force you to actually think through whether what you’re saying is what you believe.

Over time, your ideas will become clearer, more refined, with greater impact being delivered in less time.

Do you think you’re clear about the value you provide to the marketplace? If you said yes, let me ask you this:

Could you stand up in front of a room of prospective clients right now and tell them what you’re about and why you are a superior choice in 30 seconds or less?

Or would you clam up and stutter your way through something?

For the answer, just look at what happened to your heart rate while you were picturing yourself having to be up in front of a crowded room just now. That’ll tell you your answer.

If you’re not clear, you can get help, or you can simply force yourself into some clarity by committing to produce.

It’s not a painful process. And you only have to make one decision. Because once you make the decision to START and you actually tell some people, you’re gonna feel pretty motivated.

After all, they’ll be out there waiting for you to show up.