The Cure For Stalling Out

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RE: The cure for stalling out

Plenty of people understand the value of building a Platform: a blog, newsletter, podcast or something that makes you valuable in advance to an ever growing number of people.

Plenty of people even say they want to build a Platform for their own business to attract clients.

And yet, few do.

Even fewer actually stick with it long enough for the magic (really the only word that properly describes the relatively miraculous and unexplainable results) to work.

Maybe they get started, but eventually, they stall out. Sometimes, we’re so “busy” it’s hard to get anything done, right?

There’s a secret I stumbled onto not too long ago that keeps this from happening.

This secret leverages the training we’ve all had from “the system” that creates an immediate emotional reaction in our bodies when we do something stupid that others witness.

(Dear System, this is an abhorrent thing to teach children. It is evil. Stop it.)

So how does someone who does not classify themselves as a particularly disciplined person (me) end up writing an email everyday about business… for years?

Simple. He leverages one of the most powerful forces in his being: the desire to avoid shame.

And so he makes a public commitment to write a daily newsletter. Ooops!

The “stalling” possibility has now been taken off the table. He fears looking dumb far more than doing the work.

Now this secret is only meant to get you over the hump at the beginning. Because after a while, when you see the impact you are able to make in the lives of your prospective clients, your view of your Platform begins to shift. It goes from an “obligation” to a deeply felt responsibility.

You feel the responsibility to show up and be valuable.

This is the true secret of the Platform. It puts you in a position of service from the beginning.

If you have’t created your Platform, I’d recommend you do it. If you want help for a quick start, get it here. And don’t miss the comments at the top of the page by Dr. Steve Greene.