The Criticism Vaccine

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RE: The criticism vaccine

I was on the phone yesterday with a client doing a Platform Express consultation and I was walking through some big ideas we were using to build the Platform.

We were talking about clarity and I said something that I want to offer to you…

Now when I’m working with someone to help them strategize a Platform that builds a unique place for them in the marketplace, I don’t have a book of “how to do it” to refer to. This is just something that flows through me. I can look at a situation and sum it up in a way that’s attractive to your prospective clients.

Most people have little to no clarity. They are confused, which means that when they take action, it’s all over the place.

One of the benefits of being clear about what you’re about is that you can move in ONE direction. That’s obvious.

But there’s a second benefit. And it has to do with what is really the #1 skill of anyone who wants to be successful:

Immunity to criticism.

You hear a lot of successful people talk about how important it is NOT to care what others think.

But how in the world do you actually DO it?

Clarity is the answer.

Because when everything you are and everything you do is focused on a single point, it creates a force that is FAR stronger than any incoming criticism.

You don’t have to develop the willpower to deal with criticism. You simply develop an overwhelming forward motion (a product of clarity) that makes criticism irrelevant.

When your clarity is a stronger force than your care for what others think, YOU WIN.

The system trained us so that criticism could be used to “get us in line” and to conform. It’s quite a powerful force… until you develop the environment where it becomes irrelevant. In fact, it actually becomes useful.

I used to try to avoid criticism, but these days I realize that’s where the gold is hiding. In fact, now I realize the truth:

If no one is criticizing me at all, then I’m probably not doing anything important.

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Through Friday night (midnight EST), I’m making the Platform Express Service available as a standalone offering.

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