The Candy Fairy

The Client Letter
October 31, 2013
The Desert of Arizona
Sunny 30 Degrees


Today’s the big day in the lives of little kids everywhere. My daughter’s been working on her witch make-up and is all set for trick or treating tonight. She’s even going to tote around her black chihuahua dressed in bat wings.

Around dinner time, we’re taking everyone trick or treating in town. It’s quite an event, including a live reenactment of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

But I’m afraid we’re going to break the “rules” when it comes to Halloween and candy.

We have a nice custom in our family that’s working out pretty darn well. It’s a way to deal with the sugar overload that’s worked its way into this holiday.

We don’t feed our kids crap candy. We don’t really feed them any candy if we can help it.

So every year at this time, we employ the use of someone we call the Candy Fairy 🙂 Each year, the candy fairy (a candy loving friend of ours) swoops in and exchanges everyone’s candy for a small gift.

We let our kids have fun, but still manage to keep them healthy without having to pry loads of candy from their hands.

We break the rules and we’re better off because of it.

Take a look at all of the things you do in your business without even thinking. Take a look at how you get clients, how they pay you, how you communicate with them.

Stop assuming that any of that is right. Start thinking with that valuable noggin of yours about ways to accomplish the same goals using different methods.

Do you work in an industry where everyone gets paid AFTER the work is completed? You count up your time, submit an invoice and then wait for your client to get around to paying it? Well that sucks. Why not change it?

Just break the rules and rewrite them to suit yourself. You end up becoming more unique and happier in the process.

What are rules? They are simply someone else’s idea about how you are or are not supposed to act. Funny how they forgot to consult YOU about how your life should go isn’t it?

P.S. I’m ready to accept a few more private coaching clients. Not sure how long the window will be open. Details are here.