The Business Within

Mountains of Arizona
Clear 34 Degrees
7:31 a.m.

Much like many believe that everyone is born with a “book” inside of them waiting to come out, I’m pretty sure that everyone is born with a business inside of them too.

Except business is the wrong word. Because business has all of these do’s and don’ts and best practices and rules you have to follow. People have made business about money and growing for no good reason and “success” and bizarre dysfunction where you “do whatever it takes” at the expense of your sanity, family, loved ones, and your own happiness and satisfaction.

No thanks. So rather than use that word, perhaps a better word is project or enterprise or even art.

I’m confident that each of us comes here with the path that allows us to support ourselves and create the material reality we desire.

The system wants you to be a slave so they train you for that, not for transforming your ability to be yourself into something that benefits YOU by benefiting others.

They’re most interested in messing with your mind. If they can do that, then you’ll take care of the rest and never truly become who you are here to be.

This is why I do the work I do. This is why I sit down and write to you every day. To serve as a force that helps you discover or remember how powerful, talented, strong, successful and divine you truly are. Yes, I said divine. That’s you.

Part of the journey is discovering how to transform who you are into something that serves the world.

In my experience, it can take quite a while to peel an onion like this to truly understand yourself. It just depends on how well brainwashed you were and how well you know the real you.

No matter what, it’s worth the work.

You’re here for some reason. You’re no accident.

And you’re not here to suffer. Who would create a world like that?

But you have to stand up and take responsibility for directing your life as you see fit.

Forget the rules, forget the dogma, forget the pressures your mind was trained to create. Get in touch with YOU.

Then run your life and your livelihood as you want to run it and don’t apologize for it to anyone. Stop caring how “they” tell you to run it. Stop caring how the “courses” and the experts tell you to run it. They might be experts but they’re not experts on YOU. They don’t know anything about you. They only know about them.

And hearing people discuss what they know about themselves is a great way to lose yourself in the ideas of others if you use that as a substitute for coming up with your own.

Their ideas might be great, but they also might not be great for you.

There are only a few things that truly matter in this experience

What are those things?

They’re whatever you say they are. That’s how much power you have.