Taking the Rat Race Exit Ramp

Mountains of Arizona
Clear 28 Degrees
5:51 a.m.

From my perspective, “business” is an opportunity to live life as you see fit.

It is a tool whereby you can build the life you want to live by serving others.

The trap that a lot of people seem to fall into is one of misinterpreting the timing of how this can all play out.

Most people believe the illusion that, to succeed, you have to enter the “rat race” until some point later in life. And then, after you’ve “made it,” you can really start to live.

They’ve taken on the “slave” blueprint that was handed out in previous generations, where you commit 30-40 of your BEST years building someone else’s dream and then earn the right to live YOUR life with whatever is left.

“Won’t that be a great day when the time is finally right for me to start to live!” they all say about a day that never seems to really show up.

What if you viewed things differently? What if you stopped trying to follow the rules for how it’s supposed to be done?

What if you ignored “best practices” in favor of YOUR practices?

What if you allowed your internal wayfinder to lead you to what is right for you?

Crazy? Yes…maybe even crazy enough to avoid the future of soul numbing “hard work” and never ending stress most will experience trying to “make it.”

It’s odd to me that so many businesses have trouble differentiating themselves but resist doing the very things that would differentiate them from everyone else.

What are those things? Things that everyone isn’t doing.

Get out of the rat race today. Retire, in part, starting today. Refuse to work with clients who aren’t qualified for you, today. Start doing the things you want to do, TODAY.

You don’t do put off doing these things until the time is right. The time will only ever be right if you START by doing these things when the time ISN’T “right.”

When you set YOUR conditions for interacting with the world, only then can you clearly see which actions are required to create success with those in place.

Build a business based on the life you want, not the needs of the marketplace. That’s all a big guess anyway…and the answer often changes.

The only consistent factor in this equation is you, what you enjoy doing and the unique set of perspectives, skills and ways of being that you have. You can’t help but succeed if you figure out how to help people in valuable ways. But betraying yourself to serve others is a dead end.

With billions of people on the planet who have FAR MORE solvable problems today than ever before, there’s plenty for everyone.

What if you practiced feeling and living success NOW? If you’ve never tried that, if you’re waiting to see it before you feel it, before you can live it, you might just be the one keeping yourself from everything you actually want.