Stressed to Impress

Mountains of Arizona
Sunny 78 Degrees
1:05 p.m.

Growing up in the music world, there was always great pressure to impress.

Impress the teacher…

Impress the boss…

Impress the competition judges…

Impress other players…

Impress the people who could open doors for you…

The list was endless.

After a while, you get in the habit of living in a constant state of looking to an external judge to give you the thumbs up or the thumbs down.

This is why I quit.

I didn’t have the understanding at the time that I could change. That I could completely turn this dynamic inside out and stop walking around with that need to impress. I had no idea I could pull back ALL of my power within myself to aid in fueling my musical creation.

Bizarrely enough, this little tragic story prepared me pretty well for the world I now create in.

When you realize that trying to IMPRESS someone is a nice word we use to describe GIVING AWAY YOUR POWER, it takes on an entirely different feeling. And it’s not a good feeling.

Which creates the world you want to live in?

  1. Going out of your way to impress certain people.
  2. Living in a way that makes it clear you’re focused on goals much greater and more important than whether or not anyone is impressed with you.