How To Stop Trading Your Life Away For Money and Start Making a Living Doing What You Love

Most people in the world have been brainwashed to believe that making a living doing what you love is not practical or realistic.

By the end of this short message, my goal is to make sure you understand this is a lie designed to keep you stuck, struggling and thinking small.

You Are Not Here to Struggle, You Are Not Put Here to Be Miserable, You Are Here To Make the World a Better Place Because You Are In It

Why are kids trained to go to school, go to college and get a good job?

Because the powers that be need to coopt the power of the masses in order to reach their goals.

And while there are far too many people to do that by force, numbers are irrelevant when you are capable of controlling someone’s mind and realm of possibility.

And that’s why “schooling” was created:

  • Not to teach kids but to control their behavior.
  • Not to free their minds but to program them for the future.
  • Not to celebrate their vibrant and unique spirit but to hide it so it might never be discovered.

I was one of those “Straight A Sheep,” trained and ready to be a slave.

But then something broke on the inside and I woke up. I have no idea what happened but I just lost complete interest in what I was trained to want or do or achieve in my life.

All of a sudden, it became very clear to me that trying to get “picked” by my list of achievements or the world’s greatest resume or “networking” was just another version of slavery installed as the new normal.

Spending Your Days Doing What You Hate For Money is NOT Normal

There is a better way. And that way is unique to you.

The way forward is found at the intersection of what you love to do and the problems in the world that need to be solved.

You structure things so your work is done in service to the greater good of everyone, including YOU.

This is “business” to me. It’s not about getting rich, although that can happen. It’s not about becoming popular or famous, although that can happen as well.

Business is about making someone else’s life better in a way that you are rewarded on multiple levels.

Do What You Love and Prosper

Do What You Love and Prosper is my process for helping people do what they love to do in a way that can be materially successful.

Some people might refer to this as building a business, but I think that doesn’t begin to get at the real depth of the issue.

Spending your days doing what you enjoy AND benefiting in a material way at the same time is a much more fulfilling way to go through life.

You stop chasing the future.

You stop putting off living and start appreciating each moment of your life because you are enjoying each moment of your life.

I’ve done this process with many people and now I’m offering it to you.

Here’s What You Do, Here’s What I Do

I’m not sure who has the more difficult job here, but it doesn’t matter. We’ll work together in pursuit of a common goal.

The first step will be to speak with me, on the phone, so I can ask you a bunch of questions about you, your experience, your skills, talents and abilities, and what you love to do.

After a 60 minute interview with you, I’ll go and do my thing and return with a very clear, simple and detailed plan for turning what you love to do into a way you can prosper.

I don’t build everything for you. Instead, I write it all out for you so you can get some clarity about the way forward.

Once you’ve had a chance to review everything I’ve created, we’ll have another 30 minute phone call to deal with questions or any adjustments you need.

If You Truly Believe You Were Put Here To Do More Than Just Pay the Bills, When Are You Going to Do Something About It?

The Do What You Love and Prosper Program is currently open.

Enrollment is $997.

You can use this to start a new enterprise or use it to transform the one you already have.

A New Way to Look at Work

Many people know what they love to do. Far fewer people know how to structure things to allow them to spend their days doing just that.

You must focus what you love to do so that becomes a solution to someone else’s problem.

That’s what I will help you do.

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