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A monthly print newsletter focused on giving experts and trusted advisors the strategies, techniques, tools and mindset required to generate sales without without actually having to “sell” themselves like a used car salesperson. It’s a stress-free, pressure-free method of selling what you have.

Selling a box of nails is simple. Almost anyone can muster the confidence to argue the nails are worth the price on the box. And no one would have an issue assuring a buyer the nails would get the job done.

But start trying to sell yourself to someone else, and things can get just a wee bit more complicated. For some reason, people find it far easier to be confident in the value of a box of nails than they find it to be confident in the value of themselves.

If confidence was the only hurdle, mastering the skill of Selling YOU, while not easy, would be extremely realistic.

Unfortunately, the challenge is actually much greater than that…

Because mastering the art of Selling YOU requires you address a lot more than just selling. There are three levels that require your attention:

Level 1:
You Have Been Trained, Since Childhood, To Believe That You Suck

I could have phrased that more eloquently but I wanted to make sure the point got through.

You’re not supposed to be successful. You’re supposed to fall in line like everyone else and pull your weight like a worker bee in the system.

So whether it was school, or religion or your parents, programs were installed in you that make you the LAST person to realize just how valuable you are.

You realize this is an issue when you go out to sell yourself and you spend years waiting for others to show you that you’re worth what you want.

This programming is evil. It is also reversible.

It’s not the easiest work to be done, but it is absolutely required if you want to become adept at selling you.

Level 2:
Developing a Laser Focused Clarity of Purpose

The extent to which you are clear on your purpose in the marketplace is the factor governing the difficulty you will have making the decisions you need to reach success.

Greater clarity means simpler, easier and quicker decisions. The path becomes obvious. It also completely insulates you from ridicule, ostracization, and fear of what others will think of you.

Much of the frustration that comes from trying to sell yourself is created by giving your time and attention to prospective buyers who do not deserve it. They do not deserve it because they are actually people who should not be welcomed onto your path towards success.

When you are clear about where you are going and how you are getting there, you can instantly spot people and opportunities that should be disqualified. Then you can move forward without issue.

Lacking that clarity and understanding, however, you will be caught up in time wasting pursuits that tire you out without moving you forward.

Level 3:
Building and Refining the Process to Structure and Engineer Sales

There’s a difference between traditional selling and the type of selling you have to do when you’re selling yourself as an Incomparable Expert.

Traditional selling is a bit like wearing your poor buyer down until he says yes. Think of the annoying guy asking out the girl 50 times until she says yes.

Our type of selling is where your buyer wakes up one day and decides that TODAY is the day to buy what you have.

From the outside, it looks effortless–like magic. That’s because it is magic. But it’s magic anyone can learn.

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Some months you’ll find practical and actionable information. Other months you’ll find deep and profound insight that may not translate into action until months into the future.

Most business owners are looking for fast. They want progress yesterday. They want total transformation from a three hour seminar.

But that is not how growth and transformation happen. They happen in pieces, over time. Those who are looking for a big flash of transformation to come down from the heavens so they can get on with things end up waiting for a long time.

It’s far smarter to move forward, one step at a time, and develop your skills and abilities in a consistent manner. One day, you’ll look back and find it hard to believe just how far you’ve come.

Selling YOU is most definitely the most valuable skill you can develop.

You can choose to master this or you can watch as it masters you.

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