Selling YOU

Mountains of Arizona
Sunrise 40 Degrees
6:04 a.m.

On May 1, I’ll be publishing a new paid newsletter called SELLING YOU.

The focus is on helping experts and trusted advisors develop the mindset, strategies, systems and actions required to generate sales without really “selling themselves” in the traditional way selling often happens.

There’s a big difference between selling widgets on a shelf and actually selling yourself to others. (The funny thing is, even if you’re selling widgets, you’re still selling yourself because that’s part of what people are buying.)

Most people don’t like selling themselves. They’d rather not have to sell themselves. The idea alone makes many feel queasy, nervous or slimy. Unfortunately, all of these conflicting thoughts and feelings create a ton of struggle.

There are good reasons this is so difficult.

“Selling yourself” well forces you to go a lot of places inside that people just don’t want to go. It also forces you to develop a lot of skills most would rather not develop. It also leads to a strategic, systems-based (even if those systems are THOUGHT systems) approach to generating an outcome without brute force. You don’t just buy a book about selling and go out and sell yourself well. In fact, probably the worst way to go about this is to buy a book about selling.

Can’t you just be great and wait for the world to find you? Should you really have to “sell yourself?”

Of course you can wait. You might wait forever, I don’t know. But even when they DO find you, you’re going to end up in a situation where you’re given the opportunity to “sell yourself.”

Then what?

Why would anyone go to the trouble to master this?

Because you are here to add your value to the world. If you do nothing, the world continues forward without the benefit of that value.

If you don’t have a business, this newsletter is probably not going to help you.

But if you are already selling yourself out there in the world and you want to go on a journey towards mastery of that process in a way where you DON’T feel slimy, then this might be for you.

The early notification list will be open until April 15. Getting on there will qualify you for a preferred level of subscription.

The fact is, we’re all selling ourselves pretty much all of the time.

How well do you want to do that? And what could change for you if you got on the road to mastery of being valuable to the world in that way?