Selling vs. Attracting

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RE: Selling vs. attracting

Selling and attracting are two very different things.

Think about the current marketing materials you use in your business. Are they more “selling” oriented or are they more “attraction” oriented?

If you’re any good at selling, you will get some buyers. But in the process, “selling” causes everyone else (who isn’t a buyer right now) to take a step BACK. You repel them.

I think “selling” worked pretty well back in the day. Certainly better than it does now if you’re using the internet.

When you’re “selling” online, one false move and you get turned off. You get blocked out. You get ignored.

You can’t earn your way back in the room because the doors have been shut, locked, bolted and boarded up!

But attraction is different.

The entire process is about bringing things to you, one step at a time. Yes, you DO get buyers and clients, but you do it in a way that keeps people moving towards you instead of away from you.

Selling is setting out a cookie and then standing there telling everyone how good it is.

Attracting is setting out a piece of the cookie, taking a few steps towards your business, setting out another one, taking a few steps more… until you have a nice trail leading all the way home.

Attraction takes more work on the front end, less after a while.

Selling takes a lot of work the whole way through.

When you’re selling YOU, there’s nothing better than attraction. Crash course is available here.