Selling To Yourself

The Desert of Arizona
Cloudy, Warming Up To 61 Degrees

My hunch is that many of you reading this are in a business where you’re selling to people much like yourself. In my experience with the client game, this is often the case.

Oh, it might not look on the SURFACE like you’re selling to people like you. But you have to look deeper.

Like attracts like. You get what you put out. That’s why, if you fill yourself everyday with a feeling of need, that’s what you get shown: need.

And the opposite is true as well.

But this is why we often attract clients who are very similar to ourselves in certain ways.

Fill yourself with need and you’ll tend to attract needy clients who aren’t interested in premium fees.

Fill yourself with a lack of WANT (abundance) and you’ll attract folks who share that feeling.

This is why clients are such great teachers. Because they often bring you face to face with an embodiment of the qualities you can least stand about yourself. When you see them on the OUTSIDE, where you can see them more clearly, it can drive you nuts!

You think you’re getting annoyed with the clients. You’re really just annoyed with yourself!

In fact, I was speaking with one particularly wise individual years ago and told him about the client rollercoaster I was on back then:

I explained that I seemed to be wired to attract winners. We’d work together for a while… but the minute I felt like I was being “controlled” or “taken for granted,” I’d start to blow the relationship to bits.

(I had a little growing up to do, as you now know.)

He said, “The same thing that attracts them to you is the same reason they end up leaving.”

I said, “What the hell am I supposed to do about that?”

He said, “Nothing, just don’t freak out when it happens.”

And so it is.

Now each client is a lesson I get paid to take.

It’s quite graceful and beautiful if you allow it, without resistance. Just be sure to keep your eyes open for the lesson. That way, you won’t have to repeat it unless you want to.