Selling in Buzzword Industries

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I was on the phone yesterday with an SEO (search engine optimization) consultant strategizing his approach to generate a system for attracting clients.

These systems can be extremely simple, mind you.

The one I outlined yesterday could have been executed 70 years ago (if SEO had existed), because all it needs is paper and ink.

It’s kind of funny that you could get technology clients using good old paper and ink, but it works.

Just ask the folks at Google Adwords who sell that service via a boatload of direct mail postcards. 🙂

I outlined a short series of letters that he could write to attract clients in a wide range of niches.

One of the things I highlighted was the “buzzword” nature of what he was selling.

If you are the provider of a service that’s a buzzword (i.e. SEO, a lot of financial products etc.), sometimes you don’t want to lead with that too early. Why?

Because people think they know about SEO. They think they know what it means, they think they know how it works. And if they’ve already tried it by hiring their friend’s cousin who is a computer geek, they have preconceived notions about whether or not it’s worth it.

So if you lead talking about the technical part of the service, you are giving them plenty of material to reject what you have immediately.

But there’s a better way. The prospect might be in the frame of mind that “SEO” the way they had it done before was a waste of money. That may be true.

What we KNOW about them, however, is that they are still after the result SEO can create. SEO makes the promise of building a magnet that basically attracts FREE business.

They want more business, so you lead with talking about that. Then you connect that result with what you offer.