The School of the Incomparable Expert

An Eight-Week Guided Journey For Growing a One-of-a-Kind Lead Generating, Client Getting, Freedom Creating Business That Transforms You Into the Only Logical Choice For Your Clients and Customers

There are only two ways to engage in business:

  1. You can either allow the world to dictate to you how you will do it…
  2. Or you can choose to ignore those directives at every level and walk on a path far above the masses.

Most will, by default, select option number one thinking “that’s just how it works.” That choice will feel right because their mind has been conditioned to accept the world as it is rather than to create the world they want.

  • They will shout to get noticed…
  • They will do their best to convince the world they’re “worth it…”
  • They will happily enter into the emotional roller coaster that is the never ending search for validation…
  • They will, in exchange for their greatest skills and abilities, accept a fraction of their true value feeling like it’s all they “deserve.”

Choosing this option leads to things like…

  • Thinking you have to live on time sucking platforms like social media in hopes of getting “noticed…”
  • Undercharging clients for fear you won’t be considered worth it…
  • Choosing NOT to call your client on their shit and stand up for what you KNOW is the smartest path forward for them for fear they won’t hire you again…
  • Doing what you’re told (and how!) because you’re more interested in pleasing your client than leading your client…
  • Having no compelling story or reason that makes it clear WHY clients or customers should be choosing you above all other choices…
  • Allowing YOUR boundaries to be completely obliterated for fear it’ll make your client mad…

A select few will realize there is a better way, a less crowded way, a more lucrative way to build success. They will have no interest in living as a programmed slave, or working for peanuts, or chasing after respect, or blending into the background, or thinking they have to suffer just to create success.

This group will come with the willingness to do the work required to ascend to a level of excellence that will completely set them apart from every other available choice for their prospective clients and customers. It is a path that requires a superior mindset, a well developed skill set, a deep understanding of a systematic approach to attracting those you are here to best serve and the discipline to learn and execute the principles that generate a never ending stream of opportunity for you to be valuable.

This Invitation Is Intended Solely For These “Select Few” – For Business Owners Who Want to Claim Their Power to Build a Business as a True Incomparable Expert

The School of the Incomparable Expert is focused on helping you understand the principles, skills, mindset and actions required to build your business as an Incomparable Expert. This is a being who is perceived as a CLEARLY BETTER AND MORE VALUABLE choice for your desired prospective clients and customers. EVERYONE is born with the innate potential to do this in their own way, but very few will ever take the steps required to fully realize that potential.

Realizing your potential to work at this level is the primary focus of this program. In the process, you will completely transform yourself on just about every level. Most business owners are operating at a fraction of their potential, working far too hard, with far too little clarity and dealing with the inevitable annoyance, stress and frustration that they’re not “where they want to be.”

This is not the problem, this is a symptom of the problem. The real problem is not understanding just how capable you truly are and not having the practical tools, strategies and systems for executing those capabilities in the real world.

Your First Eight Weeks On a Journey That Will Last a Lifetime

While the journey of the Incomparable Expert is one that can have a definite beginning, it is not one with an ending. You are never “there.” You are always climbing, always growing, always moving closer to the fullest expression of the ideal. While many will find this frustrating, some will see it as the opportunity it truly is: a chance to never again live or work in the land of the “vendor” and be forced to accept the limited rewards that type of behavior generates.

The eight week curriculum includes:

  • Week 1: Inside the Mind of an Incomparable Expert: How to Tune Your Mindset For the Journey Towards Success on Your Terms
  • Week 2: Discovering, Positioning and Communicating the Unique Value You Offer: Understanding and Articulating What Makes You the Only Logical Choice
  • Week 3: Identifying, Understanding and Connecting With Your Prospective Clients and Customers: a Deep Exploration of Your Buyer
  • Week 4: Wrapping the Result in the Right Package: How to Structure Your Value in Ways That Attract Buyers
  • Week 5: Leaving Vendor Land for the World of the Incomparable Expert: How to Stop Taking Orders Forever
  • Week 6: Preparing the Field and Planting the Seeds: Building a Media Platform That Generates Trust, Credibility and Attraction
  • Week 7: Building a Hands-Off Selling System That Works: How to Sell Yourself Without Acting Like a Salesperson
  • Week 8: Managing Your Success: How to Deal With Humans Who Think You’re Amazing Without Sabotaging the Whole Relationship

The Transformation Is Inside AND Out

If all it took to succeed was endless training in sales, marketing, product development and business systems, everyone would be successful. Because all of that training is readily available. Unfortunately, the recipe for making it is far more complex than that. We’re dealing with human beings here not robots.

What that means is that your “programming” is unlike anyone else’s…so your specific route THROUGH to your goal is also specific to you.

This is why so many business owners who “should” succeed don’t. But the obstacles and barriers are often invisible because you believe them to be part of who you are. They aren’t. They are actually the prison walls keeping who you ACTUALLY are from getting expressed into the world.

The School of the Incomparable Expert is focused on helping to facilitate the internal transformation required to improve the effectiveness of all of the external tools you’ll receive in the program as well.

Complimentary Access to Four Months of Guidance…a Value of $1,396!

While it’s easy to find exciting and inspiring stories of “overnight success” in business, that doesn’t seem to be how it plays out for the majority of people.Instead, the journey to business success is a steady stream of learning experiences and course corrections. There is a constant supply of opportunities for learning and improving. Staying on this path, even when it gets challenging, is the price we pay for what we want: a life where we are responsible for our success and are richly rewarded for becoming valuable to the world.

It’s not uncommon to get so stuck in the “weeds” of building your business that you completely lose perspective and start thinking and doing things that actually work against you. You can’t see the trees because you’re lost somewhere in the middle of a huge forest. “What to do next” becomes a difficult question to answer.

If you always had a clear understanding of your best next step, however, then you’d never want for clarity. You’d wake up every day confident about the way forward.

The Incomparable Expert Advisory Program was created for this very purpose. While membership is available for $349/mo, your enrollment in the School of the Incomparable Expert includes four months of complimentary membership in the Program. That’s 120 days to get your questions answered as you move through the program and begin to take action on what you learn.

Members use this advisory service to get help with sales copy, with marketing systems, with mindset issues, with client management challenges, product and service development, as a sounding board for planning the future of their business and more.

While you will be doing most of the heavy lifting as you work through the materials and assignments presented in the program, you will not be alone on your journey. I will be available for feedback to help ensure you are making forward progress.

Attendance For The Term Beginning Monday March 2 is Limited to 35 Students Only

Enrollment for the full eight weeks of the School of the Incomparable Expert is $1,995. Due to the one-one-one nature of some of the work, only 35 students will be admitted.

  • If you are just getting started in business and want to have an experience UNLIKE what most people do, this will help.
  • If you are already successful and want to take your work to the next level, this will help.
  • If you feel like you’re “stuck” and want an experience that will help you reinvent what you’re doing and how the world perceives it, this will help.
  • If you are not attracting clients and customers pre-sold on working with you, this will help.
  • If you are forced to do the work and THEN hope you get paid, this will help.
  • If you’re not clear about what makes YOU unique and more valuable than any other choice your prospective clients and customers have, this will help.
  • If you regularly experience fee resistance and downward pressure on your fees, this will help you.
  • If you, despite whatever success you’ve achieved, still feel like you’re not worth it, this will help you.
  • If you wake up on the first of each month unclear about how you’re going to attract more clients or customers, this will help you.
  • If you get invited to “cattle call” processes where prospective clients or customers force you to compete against others to “get picked,” this will help you.
  • If you have not already developed a powerful, strategic systematic approach for growing your business, this will help you.
  • If you’re still not getting paid what you’re worth, this will help you.
  • If you wonder why you’re not “more successful” than you are, this will help you.

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