Read This and All Your Dreams Will Come True

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Sounds like a big promise right? That just reading an email could make all of your dreams come true?

I guess it’s possible, but frankly, it’s never a promise I would make.

In fact, I try to steer clear of “big promises” all together. You’d think that to attract a client, you’d want to be throwing big promises all around. That’d get attention right?

Not the right attention. I like big ideas, I’m not such a fan of big promises. Why not?

Because I think they attract the wrong type of client. They attract folks who WANT big things to happen and they’re expecting you to make them happen.

I don’t think that is a position you want to put yourself in.

Plus, when you get in the habit of making big promises, it’s really easy to make them just a wee bit bigger than they should be.

I’ve found that having the guts to make promises that are no bigger than you can actually (and easily) deliver on is quite attractive.

“Can you get this done by yesterday?”

“No actually, that’s not going to work. If you can find someone who can deliver on that schedule, I think they are the better option for you. I can do it by next Tuesday.”

You can relieve a lot of pressure from a sales situation when you actually make small promises.

Think about it.

Attracting the right clients is no less important than repelling the wrong ones.