Proving Yourself

Mountains of Arizona
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12:27 p.m.

Trying to prove yourself is never a smart position to be in.

If you find yourself in a spot where you’re having to prove yourself to someone, you’re in the wrong spot.

If you have to prove to your prospective client you’re worth it, that is not a client you want to work with.

School taught us all that proving yourself is normal. Why do you think they forced you to stay there for so long? It takes a LONG time to beat this into somebody.

Proving yourself is how you get into “college.” Or as I like to call it, the greatest scheme ever devised (except for the stock market!) to transfer wealth from the many to the few and transform an entire generation into debt slaves.

You’ve got to prove yourself to get into those hallowed halls of higher education. You’ve got to say the right things, you’ve got to send them all of those arbitrary symbols and gold stars they gave you in high school for doing and thinking according to the program. You’ve even got to show them (if you hope to have a chance!) that you go “above and beyond” with all sorts of extracurricular activities.

Without that, you’re out of luck. Sorry!

In the world of the expert, (you are the expert, remember?) however, YOU are the gold. You are the one who chooses. YOU are the party who is qualifying the other party.

There’s only ONE of you and there are millions of them.

  • Does this mean you have nothing to learn? No.
  • Does this mean you act like you’re God’s gift to the world? No.
  • Does this mean you have an attitude when people question you? No.

What it does mean is that you never willingly step into the box of having to prove yourself. No one forces you to do this, by the way. The choice is always yours.

You can choose different anytime you want to begin.