One Step Removed From Anyone Caring

The Desert of Arizona
Sunny 54 Degrees – 6:57 a.m.

When I’m doing work with Lead Lab or Platform Lab clients, I often take the opportunity to point out fundamental opportunities for growth I see in their businesses.

One recent suggestion was around the idea of selling the result.

No one wakes up and wants what I do. They want what happens when I do what I do.

Is that how you’re focusing the discussion you have out in the marketplace? Or are you shooting yourself in the foot and focusing all of the prospect’s attention solely on WHAT YOU DO?

Chances are, what you do is not far from what others do.

And if that connection is easy to make for the prospect, then they’ll start wondering why you can’t do what you do for the same price that other guy will do it.

These are not helpful questions.

What do your prospects ultimately WANT?

Sell them that. They will have endless interest about that because that’s how we’re wired.

Sell your “service” at your own risk.

If all you do is sell WHAT YOU DO, you are one step removed from anyone actually caring.

They care about the result.

One more thing…

In the next issue of the Incomparable Expert Field Report, I’m featuring Craig Ballantyne of the Perfect Day Formula.

That’s the method he created for what he describes as helping people “get sh*t done.”

I’ve known Craig for years and have done quite a bit of work with him.

This issue will be particularly interesting because it will be about reinvention. Craig’s in the process of totally reinventing his business from a 10 year! focus on the fitness industry to now taking on business success.

One of the highlights will be how he successfully carved out a UNIQUE position in one of the most crowded niches on the planet.

You know I’m not one for the hard sell, but the Field Report is designed to be accessible to ANYONE who is serious about business. I created it because of how much I’ve learned over the years studying others. It’s quite an education for $99/year.

Here’s some feedback I got from a subscriber recently:

“I am usually skeptical about the extra value you can receive in what is essentially a newsletter. But I had been so blown away by Jason’s Get Clients That Kick Ass report, I thought subscribing to his Incomparable Expert Field Report a potentially low-risk, high-reward move on my part. And, boy, was I right! Jason’s perspective and philosophy are unlocking the door to a vision of sales and marketing I can feel comfortable with. Reading his materials is changing the way I look at my freelance writing and editing practice (which has been struggling). His ideas and insights are helping me realize where I have made mistakes and stimulating all kinds of ideas for how to turn things around. Subscription to the Field Report also comes with a whole lot of extra resources (a pleasant surprise!) including access to the Copy Bank. I’ve already adapted two of the letters in his Copy Bank for my own use and it hasn’t even been a month. I feel richer for reading his material and energized by his ideas. I highly recommend his material to anyone who, like me, wants to run a business with integrity but floundered with how to give it form.” -Cynthia

You can subscribe here.