My “Mentor’s” Secret

The Client Letter
October 29, 2012
Sedona, Arizona
Sunny 56 Degrees

Today I want to tell you about a “mentor” I had a few years back.

This mentor taught me something very valuable about how to attract and work with clients. It’s actually one of those REAL secrets. Something few people say, but a lot of successful people know.

This is a secret you don’t hear mentioned very often. And something you hear discussed in depth even less often. This secret, however, has been extremely profitable to me over the years.

Actually, I can say that, without exaggeration, what I learned from this “mentor” has helped to form THE foundation of the successes I’ve had in attracting clients.

Now to give myself some credit, I had stumbled onto part of this secret over the years. It was “in there somewhere,” jostling around in my head. But I wasn’t putting it to good use because I wasn’t consciously aware of it.

The mentor really cemented it in my head and I’ve been on a path to mastering it ever since. It does require some work, I’ll have to admit.

The funny part is, I didn’t pay this mentor a cent for what I learned. It wasn’t a coaching program, and I didn’t enroll in any course of study. In fact, I’m not sure he has any idea just how valuable our time together was for me.

What’s even more bizarre is that he paid me… fees in excess of $120,000 during our work together.

It’s a bit of an odd story really…

I wrote out some more of what happened here.