My Ears Are Better Looking Than Yours

Mountains of Arizona
Before Sunrise 24 Degrees
5:43 a.m.

A great way to ruin your day is to spend it comparing yourself to other humans on the planet.

Many have more money, more success, better looks, a (seemingly) happier life, more friends, more followers, a bigger list, more books, fewer problems, nicer cars, bigger houses, more fun…you could go on all day and really drive yourself into the depths of despair!

But comparison is a rather ridiculous thing to do given that each being on this planet is set on a trajectory UNLIKE anyone else.

Have you thought about that? You are here to live a life UNLIKE any other of the billions of beings on the planet.

So comparing yourself to others means you’re comparing an apple to an orange and allowing the differences between you (the apple) and someone else (the orange) to affect you emotionally.

There’s no one here who is meant to walk your path. Only you are.

So the bad habit of comparing yourself to anyone is not only a waste of time, it actually opens the door to confusing your journey by mixing up someone else’s path with your own.

I know this, because I spent years doing it. I was a pro!

Why are we so good at this?

Because installing the habit of COMPARISON from the earliest ages of your life via school and its arbitrary (and destructive) methods of labelling, ordering and rating, is a great way to have a large body of people self-censor, self-correct, self-limit and self-confuse.

Why do you think the media is fixated on showing you the lives of celebrities and famous people who have no connection to yourself?

Because our habit of comparing ourselves to others is a very powerful way to control our creative capacity. Those emotions go into the toxic cocktail required to manifest WANT.

Next time you find yourself doing this, you might ask yourself why you’re committing energy to this act of comparing?

What happens if you stop paying attention to anyone else’s journey? What will you do with all of that reclaimed energy and focus?

What will you do without the emotional hit that comes from that habit?