Moving On

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Taking away the opportunity for a buyer to buy something can certainly be executed in a way that screams insecurity and manipulation.

It can also be executed masterfully, in a way that doesn’t leave you looking like a scared, weak, passive aggressive, jerk.

First of all, let’s think for a moment about the word “takeaway selling.” I’m not sure this is the best word to describe this act.

Using the word “takeaway” has a less than emotionally mature vibe to it, as though you’re getting back at someone for not doing what you want them to do. (This is not recommended because it shows the world how out of control of yourself you are.)

What you’re really doing is “moving on.” You are commanding the “train” (you!) to leave the station. This is by design, it is not a surprise. And it is delivered with clarity, certainty and transparency, not with annoyance or frustration.

The important part here is to build it into your process so everyone knows it’s going to happen.

If you wait until the “heat of the moment” and then pull away, you will look like a loser who is annoyed things didn’t go your way.

You control your business. How long is the opportunity you extend for your buyer to buy?