Just Because Your Time Is Valuable Doesn’t Mean You Should Get Paid for It

Charging by the hour sucks.

There are plenty of articles all over the place “helping” you figure out what your hourly rate should be.

First, they tell you to figure out how much money you want to make.

Then, you’re supposed to figure out how much you can reasonably work… taking into account the fact that you probably won’t bill 8 hours a day, seven days a week.

Then you just do some simple division and bingo, you have your hourly rate.


So YOU benefit from working as slow as a camel…

And your client benefits from you working fast…

It’s a lose-lose situation folks.

If you want to stop setting yourself up for failure and frustration, stop charging for your time and start charging for something your clients actually care about–like the value they’re getting.

And if your clients only care about time, then it’s time to get new clients… yesterday.

If you need a resource to help change your thinking about his, buy Alan Weiss’s book, Value Based Fees.

This is a book about changing your thinking… the implementation is up to you to figure out for your exact situation.

And there’s no definitive answer for that except the one you come up with yourself. To find out what works you have to start trying things.

You’ve got to work at it to find the right way to work this idea in your business.

But if you’re charging for your time, today is the day to stop.