It’s Vewy, Vewy Quiet

Mountains of Arizona
Cloudy 47 Degrees
11:41 p.m.

It’s a lot quieter around here since I removed myself from the cesspool of social media.

Lots of quiet time to think!

It’s becoming more and more obvious to people that social media wasn’t invented to help people be social but for people to be monetized and controlled.

So I woke up one day the other week and decided to stop playing. “Social” mind control media is an energy vampire I got tired of feeding. And really, for a business to exist by turning humans into products is just pretty gross.

But really, the change isn’t so crazy given that one of my guiding principles is that, if everyone’s doing something, I shouldn’t be there.

No Facebook. No Linkedin. (What will my “network” do without me?) No Tweet storms either. And no giving them money for advertising. All deleted. Bye.

I have some quiet. There’s nothing to check, nowhere to go.

Now I can get back to work doing what I do, which is helping people…certain people…accomplish great things.

There are many flavors of “marketing” that one can pursue. The most effective one, in my experience, is the one where you stop trying so hard to get people to notice you…you stop trying to “get your name out there.” And you invest in doing work that people can’t help but talk about and share.

The is marketing by discoverability.

When people discover you, the relationship is completely different than when YOU find them and hunt them down.

You are here to live YOUR life. You are here to grow YOUR business.

There are no “must haves” or “must do’s.” Everything is negotiable.

Do what works for you. Don’t apologize. Don’t have fear.

There are a million paths to success.