How to Write Like an Incomparable Expert

How To Write Like an Incomparable Expert

A Step-By-Step Approach For Claiming the Power of the Written Word

The written word has the power to separate you from everyone else or make it clear you’re actually NO DIFFERENT than everyone else.

What you say and how you say it make a huge difference.

But doing this well takes more than writing skills. Because writing is just the outer manifestation of something much deeper.

Mindset, Approach, Execution

There are three primary areas you need to be concerned about. If you skip one, the power is not going to be there.

Many people think that effective writing is about how you say it. That matters, of course, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

It takes the right mindset, the right approach to the situation AND the right words.

First of all, you need to remind yourself what it feels like to be an Incomparable Expert. This is probably the most important part. Because without it, the rest doesn’t matter! People will feel right through you and know you’re scared to death.

From there, you have to bring that feeling into your body, because that’s going to affect what you say and how you approach the situation. How does someone who doesn’t need anything carry himself or herself?

Finally, you have to allow that feeling you just brought into yourself to inform the words you choose for the communication.

You need the mindset, the right approach, the right words.

It sounds complicated, but it’s not once you’re clear on the process. Ultimately, this is about shifting your perspective. That’s the most part.

“Which Credit Card Would You Like To Use?”

I’ll tell you a story about how I discovered this…

It was one of the brighter moments during my days as a car salesman. I was young, naive, and had everything to learn about the way the world actually works. (Understand that I didn’t have many bright moments during my car career, so this one really sticks out!)

Now selling cars is a land of coercion, manipulation and “ever-so-stealthily” stabbing people in the back pocketbook.

I had a good heart but absolutely zero street smarts. I certainly didn’t have enough to deal with the biggest threat on the whole lot. No, it wasn’t the customers, it was the other salespeople. (That’s a story for another time!)

One day, I was on the phone with yet another prospect on his way towards backing out of a deal. He was asking about a particular vehicle he had driven and I was trying to get him to come in to close the deal. As best I can remember, he said he was “thinking about it.”

Now the old veteran sales guys knew that if I hung up the phone on those folks, I’d never hear from them again. So as they heard me talking, the desk manager looked over at me and said, “get a deposit to hold the vehicle.”

Had I been doing this a year earlier, I would have said something like, “Would you like to leave a deposit so we can hold the car?”

If you’ve ever sold anything to anyone, you probably know this is a bad move. At the very least, it’s a move that will, more often than not, result in NO SALE.

Luckily, I had been through some pretty serious phone training a few weeks prior and I knew that asking a Yes/No question where one of the possible answers meant NO COMMISSION wasn’t a smart way to go.

So I said something different:

“Which credit card would you like to use to leave a deposit to hold the car? We accept Visa, MC and Amex…”

The caller stumbled around for a few moments and said, “We’ll use a Visa…”

It was at that moment I realized, for the very first time, that what you say or write and HOW you say or write it AND how you feel along the way makes all the difference.

The fact that I learned this lesson in such a sleazy place doesn’t mean it’s any less true or useful.

In the world of the Incomparable Expert, doing this write (pun intended!) means:

You Get to Help More People

That’s why I created this class where we walk through what I call “How to Write Like An Incomparable Expert.”

Now I’m a copywriter. But frankly, I think learning about “copywriting” the way it’s usually taught is pretty boring. I don’t stay up at night reading copywriting books. I never have, I doubt I ever will.

Because writing is really just the vehicle for something much deeper and more powerful.

What I’ll talk about is how we connect with other human beings in a way that transfers a portion of our life force to them, at scale, in a way that CHANGES THEM. I doubt you’re ever going to read a phrase like that in a copywriting book.

So we’ll dig into how you make this happen and own this skill for yourself.

Words aren’t going anywhere. And our ability to use them with POWER is how we can change the world.

Enrollment for the class is $97.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you do the work and don’t feel that your experience in the “How To Write Like An Incomparable Expert” webinar gives you the information, clarity and direction you need, you get a full refund.