IEP Episode 10: The Perfect Day Formula with Craig Ballantyne

The Desert of Arizona
Clear 42 Degrees

Most people talk about how “time gets away from them…”

Most people think they can’t do what they want because they’re too busy doing what they must

Most people say they’re actually too busy to get anything done at all.

Most people feel trapped, stuck and hope the rest of life somehow gets better than their current reality.

Of course “hoping” isn’t all that effective. Channeling your energy like that out into the nonexistent future is a great way to waste it. But your mind likes it, otherwise it gets bored.

Channeling your energy and focus into this present moment and towards what you can do NOW is a much more effective path.

Today, I have a conversation to share with you that I had with Craig Ballantyne, author of The Perfect Day Formula.

If you’re not sure if this book is for you, you’ll know after listening to this. You’ll either WANT TO DO IT or not.

Much like I’m a proponent of creating a client attraction system which allows you to make smart decisions you simply follow in the “heat of the moment,” Craig has created a perfect life attraction system to help you live better.

And instead of focusing on your 30 year plan, you focus on today. You design the perfect day and then you live it. And you wake up tomorrow and live another one.

Pretty soon, you look back and see the amazing transformation that’s happened.

Get the book here.

Get the entire kit (explained in the podcast) here.