How to Sell Yourself to Yourself

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We could go down this rabbit hole to figure out how to boost your own self-confidence…to help you believe in yourself…

But I think there’s actually more value to be had by simply standing here on the first step and asking what the hell is going on here?

We’re trying to sell ourselves on ourselves right? That’s the goal. That’s what so many people struggle with. We just don’t believe in our own value.

So that brings up a good question:

Which part of you is doing the selling and which part of you is doing the buying in this exchange? And just how many parts do you have?

I guess you could say you’ve got your BIG self and your little self. But who is trying to sell whom?

And that’s when you realize that this whole journey to “sell yourself on yourself” is kind of screwed up. This is why you won’t solve this issue by buying books or courses.

Because really what’s going on is that your little self is trying to sell itself to itself. You’ve got this completely insecure part of you trying to find security within its own walls. The seller and the buyer are the same!

Not going to happen.

Stop trying to develop belief in yourself. Go in search of people to serve. Solve their problems.

Those people will offer to you all of the raw materials you need to sell yourself on yourself, no matter which part of you is doing the buying or selling.

What you’re really doing is setting things up so you can see yourself through the mirror of others. You won’t believe how great you look! The funny part is that your little self will think the “belief” is coming from someone whose opinion it values more than its own (other people’s opinions!).

This is similar to the approach we take when we are attracting clients or customers. We help them sell themselves on you. But you can direct this approach back on yourself and experience the benefits too.