How to Never Be Closing

The Desert of Arizona
Sunny 66 Degrees – 7:31 a.m.

If you’re aspiring to the ideal of the Incomparable Expert, then “closing” prospective clients and customers isn’t something that goes in your bag of tricks.

Anyone can learn to manipulate others. So it’s hardly incomparable to make that a “go to” move. Leave that for everyone else to fight over.

You go the other way.

You throw the “always be closing” mentality into the trash.

Instead, you build a system where your prospective client or customer closes themselves.

If you “close,” you create resistance.

If they “close” themselves, ZERO resistance.

Doing this is a little bit harder, because you have to project this into a system that is outside of you. Sometimes it takes some work to get it right.

Just yesterday I was recording a response for an Advisory member, a real estate investor, who is building a system to bring him investments that have “closed” themselves.

No brute force is required in this model, just a lot of understanding of human beings and a real solution to offer to a real problem.

Advising and “closing” mix as well as oil and water. You can shake ’em up and give the illusion they mix for a few minutes, but the truth is that they have nothing to do with each other.