How To Get Paid For the Same Thing You Give Away For Free

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2:55 p.m.

I went through a rather immature time in my life where I tried to be things I wasn’t. I went so far once as to “hire” a fake assistant who would answer all of my emails in her name. It was funny how people changed their tone, but it was also a lie.

This was during my “is marketing just LYING?” phase of life where I saw what others were doing to get the sale and thought that’s just what you did to “make it.”

Not long after this period, I went through ANOTHER immature period where I got annoyed at giving so much stuff away for free. My “free line” had traveled the whole way around the world and slapped me in the backside of the head.

Annoyance turned to righteous indignation: “People will pay for everything!” I said. “If I give it away, why would they ever pay for it?”

It’s funny that I was parroting the very lines used by others to sell me ideas and products that I happily took and ate up. But I was doing the best I could back then.

People will pay you for exactly what you give away for free.

Every day, I sit here and offer up my perspective on the journey of the Incomparable Expert. Many find it gives them inspiration, clarity, insight, education, direction and more…the list is long, everyone is different.

What do I “sell?”

I sell the very same things. The VEHICLE might be different depending on the product or service chosen, but it’s the same thing that’s gettin’ delivered.

Don’t let others tell you how to think or how to do things. It shuts your mind off to possibilities that might ring true in your own heart.

What if you actually KNOW THE WAY FOR YOU?

Do you have enough guts to believe that about yourself? Sure you can learn from others, but that doesn’t mean you follow their tracks.

If you see footprints up ahead on your journey, it means you’ve wandered over onto someone else’s path.

But can you really “make it” giving freely, without want, and STILL live a life more abundant than what 99.99% of the world will ever experience?

Of course you can.