How to Destroy a Client Relationship

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Most people want to be treated fairly, your clients included.

The problem is, no one knows what “fair” really means. Fair is a feeling. You know if it doesn’t feel fair but you don’t always know what fair looks like before you get there.

But if you’re going to keep clients around for any length of time, treating them “fairly” is a smart idea. So how do you figure out what that is?

Well, I don’t know 🙂 But I can highlight something to avoid that will surely, over time, make them feel like you’re treating them unfairly.

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It comes down to you making a choice about how you conduct your business. When it comes to working with clients and charging premium fees, do you ask for what you want or do you ask for what you think you can get?

There’s a big energetic difference between those two options.

When you ask for what you want, you send a clear signal to a client–with clear intention. They are free to respond how they choose.

When you ask for what you think you can get, things get a little bit weird. I think people can FEEL that intention. It’s not confident. A little bit slimy. And at the very core, it expresses profound need.

Asking for what you want is sustainable. You can use this approach and maintain good relationships.

Asking for what you think you can get is not. It slowly erodes trust and authority until there’s nothing left.