How to Avoid Being a Jerk to Prospects

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RE: How to avoid being a jerk to prospects

So how in the world do you communicate that you’re a busy person, who doesn’t want to have his time wasted, and that your time is valuable, and that you’re not interested in working with clients who pay less than $X? How do you say all of that without actually having to SAY all of that?

Believe me, I’ve tried “saying that” in various ways. And I’m good with words, especially the written word. But I never really found a way to communicate that stuff to a prospect without coming off like a jerk.

Now if your personality has jerk like qualities, then maybe that approach will work for you. After all, be yourself. That’s the point here.

But I’m “Mr. Nice Guy,” which means whenever I try to be a big cheese, I come off as some angry and annoying punk that turns people off. I’ve tried it. It doesn’t work for me. And it’s really embarrassing.

So I had to figure out another way to “say all that.”

The secret, really, is to NOT say it. Instead, you communicate it through your process. That way, you don’t have to say it and they’ll still GET IT.

Here’s a hypothetical example:

You call the doctor. You want to make an appointment. You are told that the first available appointment is in 2 weeks.

Now that appointment might be two weeks out because the doctor is busy playing golf or maybe the doctor is booked with patients. It doesn’t really matter which.

But just think about all of the things that are communicated in that one sentence.

The doctor has communicated that he is busy, that he is not available now, that you will have to wait should you choose to see him. He has also communicated that you have now entered into his world and that he has rules about how his world works.

And it was all communicated in a way that doesn’t make him sound like a jerk. In fact, when the positioning is right, patients are just happy to get in at all!

That’s the power of process. And that’s why it’s important to get some of them.

That way, you’re not making it up as you go with each new prospect.

If you want a shortcut to understanding the power of process to BUILD ATTRACTION, I’ve created one. Or, if you want to jump in the waters and see how you fare on your own, by all means, do it!

The reason process builds attraction is because it destroys your emotional attachment to prospects. You don’t care what happens, you just follow your process.

Structure is the route to freedom in this business.

It’s all under your control.