Following Your Passion and Other Unicorns

Mountains of Arizona
Rain Coming 60 Degrees
1:31 p.m.

There are business people who say it’s silly to follow your passion.

They speak of it as some fantastical unicorn that “serious” “grown up” people have long given up believing in. The tone of their voice is often even belittling…as though any person who wants to pursue something like that has completely lost touch with the “real world.”

The older I get, the clearer I get that “following my passion” is really the best use of my time.

What else should I spend my life doing? Chasing money? Chasing fame? Chasing something to fill that hole so many of us have inside?

Of course not. I’ve been through those illusions and know those do not lead to happiness, fulfillment, or a life well lived. They are, however, a great place to hide from yourself.

The things that DO lead to that destination are those things that leave me with more energy after I do them than I had before. They actually ADD energy to my life.

If you don’t think “following your passion” can lead to a sustainable life, then perhaps its simply the way you SEE that is keeping you from understanding how this could be.

If you don’t think following your passion could lead you to success, then perhaps it is your definition of success that is the problem and not actually YOU.

If you don’t think pursuing your passion is wise, then perhaps it’s a lack of TRUST in your own self and a fear of what others will or will not think about you that serves as the material for your prison bars.

Whatever it is, it is worth working through.

There’s a reason that each of us has what we might call a “passion.”

Surely we’re not supposed to spend our lives pretending it’s not there…