David Deida’s Take on Polarity and Attraction

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You’re always attracting things (clients) towards you that are LIKE you, although they may be different in degree (polarity).

A very obvious example of this is the attraction that is between the masculine and the feminine.

If you’ve never read David Deida’s Way of the Superior Man, you might look it up… especially if you’re a man. It’s one of those books that will probably offend at least 80% of the people who read it, in the first few pages alone.

Women, you might find it valuable. I don’t know. But for me, it’s basically the manual that I wish I had been given back when I was 18. It’s a quick rundown on how to be a man and stand in your power… and what that even means.

According to Deida, it’s the POLARITY between the masculine/feminine that creates the attraction, the passion, the PULL. This polarity is caused by the varying degrees of energy. Think of the most masculine man, think of the most feminine woman. The difference between those extremes is polarity. They attract each other.

(Note this has nothing to do with men, or women, it’s about energy. Women can have masculine energy, men can have feminine energy.)

I enjoy books like Deida’s because they challenge. They force you to open up and accept new ideas or to shut down and reject them. Over time, you become very aware when you are “shutting down” and refusing new ideas simply because they’re new. You can see yourself acting dumb after a while. 🙂

I still remember the first time I relayed some of the ideas from that book to a friend of mine. She said, “That’s exactly what kind of man we women want…” Dang!

The book focuses on relationships between the masculine and feminine and what governs the attractive force between them.

But understanding how the energy works can do much for you in your work with clients. It’s all energy after all. And learning how it moves gives you a huge advantage.

Clients are, after all, not a cause, they are an effect of the energy you emit.