Crossfit for the Idea Muscle

Mountains of Arizona
Sunny 62 Degrees
10:00 a.m.

I’ve started taking walks in the morning without anything in my ears. No podcasts, no recordings, no one else’s mind interacting with my own.

Right now, I do the first 20 minutes or so without anything. The rest of the walk I listen to things I want to hear. The plan is to increase the silence until I just leave the headphones at home.

During those first 20 minutes, ideas come really quickly. Better ideas. New ideas.

How do you get ideas if you’re not spending hours a day ingesting information full of other people’s ideas? The gurus would tell you that’s not advisable to “go it alone.”

I’ll take the risk.

The way you get new ideas without constant input from others is to go out and live life. That’s how you get ideas that don’t sound like everyone else’s.

You don’t need business ideas, you need life experience. The ideas take care of themselves from that point on.

The idea muscle is a muscle you have to exercise not one you have to feed like you’re at an all you can eat buffet.