Courses and Classes

The courses and classes below are designed to move you forward on the journey towards becoming an Incomparable Expert. Topics cover a wide range of skills and core competencies required to stand out from all other choices your prospective clients and customers have to solve their problems.

Power in Print Workshop

If you look at most of the sales copy on the internet these days, you can TELL when someone’s taken a copywriting course. They’re just regurgitating someone else’s ideas onto the page. So much of communicating power in print goes on BEFORE the writing actually begins. It’s a different way of thinking about you, your prospect and what has to happen and not happen for that prospect to become a client or customer. When you don’t know about all of that or you don’t do it well, you end up with the type of writing you see everywhere: The approach is wrong. The angle is wrong. The tone is wrong. The structure is wrong. The SUBSTANCE is wrong.

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Platform Lab

A media platform keeps you in touch with an ever growing group of qualified prospects. The Platform Lab is a 30 day, 0mph to 60mph process for getting your media platform designed and off the ground. We strategize, plan and structure. You go through the lessons and do the thinking work, you submit homework, you get your questions answered and you get my feedback. You get my input on strategy, positioning, naming etc. The goal is to design your media platform in a way that makes you an invited and welcomed guest into the world of your prospects.

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Incomparable Expert Transformation

The Incomparable Expert Transformation is a four week process where we work together through mindset, marketing, systems and packaging of the services in your business. The Transformation consists of four self-study modules (including my help and support for questions and other issues) and two 30 minute phone conferences placed at the beginning and end of our work.

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